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Leavers Green Team 

Leavers 2019 Flyer

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It's not a secret that Leavers party hard – we exist to help them do just that (safely).

Leavers Green Team, a ministry of Baptist Churches Western Australia, partner with the Western Australia Police to provide the Leavers Entertainment Zone.

Leavers Green Team construct and operate the Entertainment Zone, catering to over 8,000 Leavers each night, over four massive nights in November. This includes rides, DJ's, silent discos, chill out areas, lounges, first aid, and the list just goes on. You have got to see it to believe it!

Our crew is made up of over 150 volunteers from our local churches, local community and all over WA!

**More info coming soon - Follow Leavers Green Team WA on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed.


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