We provide support to Baptist churches without seeking to take control.

Baptist Ministry Centre Staff

Ps Mark Wilson
Director of Ministries


Matt Chapman
EA to the Director of Ministries
IT Manager

Greg Holland
Business Manager

Dushan Jeyabalan
Financial Consultant & BWAA
Church Relationship Coordinator

Ps Jackie Smoker
SafeChurch Education Officer
& Accreditation Registrar

Rev Victor Owuor
Cross Cultural & Indigenous
Ministries Pastor

Natalie Coulson
Insurance Officer

Anina Findling
BFS Relationship Manager

Natasha Anderson


Dorothy Zander
Finance Manager

Helen Baragry

Helen Baragry
Accounts Assistant 

Jey Jeyabalan

Jey Jeyabalan
Accounts Assistant

Michelle Smoker
Accounts Assistant

Colin Meadows

Ps Colin Meadows
Global Interaction WA State Director

Pam Gallagher
Global Interaction Team Assistant

Ross Daniels
Leader of Campsites, Events and
Special Projects


Marianne Walker
Safe Church & Accreditation Assistant

Ed Devine

Ed Devine
Next Generations Pastor


Sally Phu

Andrew van der Moezel

Ms Jess Ford
Events Ministry

Andrew van der Moezel

Global Interaction Young Adult Consultant

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